“No one has volunteered more of their time and talent to Torrance schools than Betty Lieu.  She will be an outstanding School Board member."  

Don Lee

Member of the Torrance Unified School District Board of Governors

“Mrs. Lieu helped me understand complex multi variable equations. I figure she can just about do anything."


A seventh grade student

“For over a decade, Betty Lieu has worked to support our local schools and help Torrance students succeed.  Torrance teachers know that Betty Lieu will be a powerful champion for public education as a member of the School Board.”

Deb Tabush

Torrance Teachers Association President

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Torrance Teachers Association

California School Employee Association

Don Lee, Torrance School Board Member
Terry Ragins, Torrance School Board Member
Mark Steffen, Torrance School Board Member

Pat Furey, Torrance Mayor
Tim Goodrich, Torrance Councilmember

Mike Griffiths, Torrance Councilmember

Milton Herring, Torrance Councilmember
Geoff Rizzo, Torrance Councilmember

Heidi Ashcraft, Former Torrance Councilmember

and Torrance School Board Member

Tom Brewer, Former Torrance Councilmember

Jack Messerlian, Former Torrance Councilmember

Maureen O'Donnell, former Torrance Councilmember,

former Torrance School Board Member and former

El Camino Community College District Board Member

George Nakano, Former Assembly Memeber and

Torrance Councilmember

Bill Sutherland, Former Torrance Councilmember

Kurt Weideman, Former Torrance Councilmember
Hope Witkowsky, Former Torrance Councilmember,

and Host of Senior Scene

Torrance Commissioners


Water Commissioners

Jack Walser, Chair of Water Commission

Raymond Jay, Vice Chair of Water Commission

Chet Craft, Water Commissioner

Kent Masaru, Water Commissioner

John McGee, Water Commissioner, Retired TUSD Principal Linden Nishinaga, Water Commissioner


Library Commission

Camilla Seferian, Library Commissioner

Rosie Javaid, Library Commissioner

Social Services Commission

Cindy Scotto, Vice Chair of Social Services Commission

Jimmy Gow, Social Services Commission

Environmental Quality/Energy Conservation Commission

Jim Montgomery, Chair of Torr Environmental Quality and Energy Conservation Commission

Parks and Recreation Commissioner 

Andrea Riley, Parks and Recreation Commissioner 

Community Leaders

Christina & James Antaky, Varo Asorian, Robin Comer,

Maria Contino, Becca Davis, Kelly Evans, Becky Foo, Terry Furey, Mary Hoffman, Judith Gerber, Diane Kaiser, Vararat Kan, Tammy Khan, Stacey Launius, Chad Mabery, Isabel Marino, Kent Masaru, John McGee, Sherry Messerlian, Nannette Noland, Rosita Oey, Hydee Ong, Jayanthi Raja, Maura Rampolla, Mary Roberts, Heather Rovegno, Cathy Roohan, Marianna Smith, Carolyn Snyder, Rob Stahl, Julie Sullivan, Wayne & Cecilia Suyehiro, Peggy Tremayne (former North High Principal), Brett Wooldridge, Annie Wushaya,

Lan Yokota, Oey Yung

Local Area Elected Officials

Stacy Armato, Hermosa Beach Mayor Pro Tem

Hany Fangary, Hermosa Beach Councilmember

Scott Houston, West Basin Municipal Water District

Harold Williams, West Basin Municipal Water District

Partial List, last updated on 10/06/2018

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